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At Goddard/Homestead we are pleased to carry on a century old tradition of serving the communities of Central Massachusetts. Keep up with the latest on Goddard House and Homestead Hall in the media. For additional details, email us or call us at 508-459-2023.

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Welcome to Senior News..

a brand new Goddard/Homestead webpage designed to give you the information, resources and inspiration to Stay Well Now!

Our residents know that a retirement community is not a place for endings -- but a place for beginnings!  Ever since the days when trolleys clanged down Main Street, just outside the Goddard House front door, we have been helping "seasoned" citizens live healthy and fulfilling lives.  Whether you simply enjoy good-natured camaraderie with new friends, attend a classical music concert, or learn a brand new skill, keeping engaged with life around you is so important for staying well.

Our Community Caring Program offers quality cultural and educational experiences for people like you to continue exploring and finding delight in the fascinating world around us.  And this new webpage resource will keep you up-to-date on information, stories and tips on how to make the very most of every day. 

We hope you will enjoy experiencing the many opportunities for new beginnings at Goddard/Homestead.  Check this page often for the latest postings and news articles. And your feedback about our programs is important to us, so please let us know what you think -- or if you have a suggestion for a future event.

We’re glad you visited -- please come back again soon!

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