Frequently Asked Qustions ABOUT Goddard House

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What is the average age of the residents?

The average age of residents living at Goddard House is 85

How many people live at Goddard House?

Goddard House has 36 apartments. While just one resident occupies most of the units, several couples also live here.

What if I need help at night?

A staff member is always on the premises. For assistance day or night, dial the main phone number, or pull the emergency cord in your apartment.

What is the admission fee and is it refundable?

The admission fee is $3,500 and, is non-refundable. Only one $3,500 Admission Fee applies to couples when they enter together.  

Can residents have guests?

Residents should consider their unit in the same way that a condo tenant does.  Guests are permitted and are always welcomed. If guests would like to participate in meals with a resident, accommodations can be made and a fee will be assessed on a meal-by-meal basis. For longer stays, or if guests wish to have their own unit during a stay, Goddard House may be able to accommodate individual unit housing. Call for more details about our vacancy program.

Is the building air-conditioned?

All common areas in Goddard House are air-conditioned. Residents are welcome to install their own window-mounted air conditioners in their apartments. An 8,000 BTU unit will adequately cool any of the apartments in Goddard House.

Is the building secure?

The Goddard House is a secure building. Each resident is given a main door key that cannot be duplicated except by an authorized signature. Individual units are also secure providing two layers of intrusion security. The front desk staff is available throughout the day to answer the door for guests and service providers.

How is Goddard House related to Robert Goddard, the man who invented the first rocket?

The founder of Goddard House, Harry Goddard, was a cousin of Robert Goddard, the father of modern rocketry.

Didn't Goddard House used to be a home for men?

In 1874 the original Goddard House was founded and built by a group of prominent Worcester citizens who realized the importance of a home that would provide care and security for those unable to live alone. The building was a home for elderly men until 1989, when it was modernized, renovated, and expanded to offer 36 rental units for independent older adults. In 1983 Goddard House was combined with nearby Homestead Hall under one management to offer a continuum of care. Under the careful direction of some of Worcester's most prominent financial and social leaders, the two homes continue to respond to the changing needs of active elders.

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Meals and Food

What meals are included in the monthy rental?

Goddard House provides breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Seats in the dining room are not assigned and we encourage you to sit with various residents to get to know each other and help create broad social circles within the community. In addition, the Goddard House Cafe serves fresh fruit, muffins and cookies for in between snacks as desired.

Is the Goddard House kitchen able to accommodate my special diet?

Balanced and nutritional meals are prepared to meet the dietary considerations of our residents. At every meal there is a choice of entrees to meet residents special requirements, including low-fat, low-salt, lactose/dairy free, and no concentrated sweets. Our chef also takes individual tastes and preferences into account when planning menus. Residents are provided with a menu each morning to allow for the selection of the evening meal. Special requests and portion size selection are part of the menu selection process.

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Building Facilities

Do residents receive any personal or medical care?

Jewish Home Care is available on site for any additional private personal care needs. The resident care coordinator will assist with the referral process.

Are there laundry facilities in the building?

A fully equipped, modern laundry room is located in the building. The cost is $1 per load for both washer and dryer.

Are there elevators in the building?

An elevator is conveniently located in each of the two buildings that comprise Goddard House.

What types of activities are offered?

A wide range of activities is designed to meet the residents' specific interests, while also providing an opportunity to get together with one another. Participation is completely voluntary.

Is there parking for my car?

Goddard House has a safe, private parking area for residents' vehicles. For those without cars, public transportation stops just outside the front door, and shopping, banks, and churches are within easy walking distance. The WRTA bus to the Auburn Mall stops (at nearby) Stafford Street.

Are pets allowed?

Indoor pets such as cats, birds and dogs may be allowed. An interview process for pets is conducted as part of the application process. A defined provision for a care attendant for animals is required for anyone housing pets on the premises to allow for care such as dog walking (in the event that the resident is unable to attend to the needs of the animal due to inclement weather, illness or incapacitation). Maintaining sanitary conditions for all animals is the responsibility of the resident.

Vacation and Respite Stay Program

Goddard House and Homestead Hall both offer short to long-term stays for non-residents through our Vacation and Respite Stay Program. The program functions in two different ways.

For guests visiting residents at either property, or for out of area visitors returning for a period of time, Goddard House can accommodate stays in one of our housing units. Each unit includes a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bath. Concierge level services are available and include the option to select meal service prepared by our on-staff chef.

A second option, available to caregivers, is found in our Respite Program. The program is available at both Goddard House and Homestead Hall. Whether for vacation or for a needed break from caregiving, both facilities can accommodate short to long-term stays for your loved one. Ask a representative about our Vacation and Respite Care Program for more details about the program and pricing.

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